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Sergey Kibalnikov’s creative school

- Do as we do - Do with us - Do better than us.

SKCS brings together peoples in schools, colleges and universities using the technology of SKW-thinking and SKW-matrix.

Our mission: to help people make decisions based on available information. This is not differ from the goals of another similar schools. But the difference lies in a special algorithm of loading human brain’s hemispheres and using the latest digital technologies to display the results of intellectual activity (RIA). Our work is becoming more multidisciplinary and rise. We are a team of representatives of different scientific disciplines and areas of training, connected by main algorithm for creating and constructing SKW matrix like an elementary particle of RIA. We create different project teams in according to the mastering new subject areas of application of this technology.

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Address: Universitetskaya 19, r. 401, Dubna

Phone: +79154247802